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Here in the Customer Support Centre, you will find the answers to many commonly asked questions in the FAQs.If the answer to your question cannot be found, our Customer Support Team is happy to assist you directly. Click Below the Button to Enter into live Chat.


If our Customer Support team is not online, Please contact us through Email or via Contact form. We will answer your questions within 24 hours! If you are an existing client, please use our Help Desk system from the control panel to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

First steps after you sign up?

Once you register a free account you will first need to follow these steps: 1) Check your email for the confirmation message. 2) Activate account with the confirmation link and select if you will be using your own domain name or free sub-domain we offer. Access your control panel at

Where should I point my existing domain?

Your existing domain names should be pointed to these name servers in order to work with our hosting: ( ( ( (

How to register a new domain or Free Domain?

You may register a new domain name from our control panel "Domains" section. Free sub-domain can be selected from the drop-down menu after you activate your account with the confirmation email.

How to get my website listed on google?

To get your website listed in Google you will need to get at least one link from the website which is already listed in Google. Easiest way is to post your link on a forum or on some website which allows posting links. Also, to get better Google positions and rankings you will need to get as many links as possible from other websites with good Google rankings.

How to change my account password?

Your account password can be changed from the control panel at ant time using the "change password" section.

How to access webmail?

There are several ways to access your webmail:

Webmail from the control panel -> Emails -> Webmail section

Webmail from direct link:

How to use POP3 and IMAP?

You need to set up the following details on your Mail client:


SMTP Host:

How to change MX records?

MX records can be changed from the cPanel -> Emails -> Edit MX record section.

How to set up an email account?

Email accounts can be set up from the control panel at the section Emails -> Manage Emails.

How to create MySQL database?

MySQL database can be created from the control panel section Advanced -> MySQL databases.

What is your MySQL host name?

Please check the section of the control panel Advanced -> MySQL for "MySQL Host".

IMPORTANT! Do not use localhost as MySQL host name

Do you support remote MySQL?

No, remote MySQL connections are not supported on the free hosting.

How to set up FTP account?

New FTP account can be set up from the cPanel -> Files -> FTP accounts.

How to connect to FTP?

For the FTP host name please use your domain name. Example: Your user name can be found under control panel - > FTP section. Also, new password can bet set from the same page.

Which software do you use to connect to FTP?

We offer our clients to use FREE FTP software called FileZilla. You can download it from:

Where do I upload my files?

All of your websites files must be uploaded inside the public_html folder. Please DO NOT upload it over the public_html folder because your website will not work.

How to create redirects?

All type of website redirects can be created from the control panel -> Domains -> Redirects section.

Hacks and viruses

Please rest assured there are no viruses on our servers, because we use Linux OS. If you get any virus warnings on your website, it means there is a problem (or some kind of malicious script) in your source code and not the server itself.

Abuse reports

Abusive websites are not tolerated on our network and we terminate them instantly without any warnings. Abuse reports can be sent from our contact page at:

Is it really free? How?

Yes, our services are absolutely FREE, no hidden fees or taxes. We offer free and almost unlimited hosting services for everyone and everywhere. How? We simply have other income resources which generates us more income than it costs to provide free website hosting services.

Is there any ADS or unwanted material placed on my free website?

No, we do not put any ADS or scripts on your website to make it look cheap. You will get solid and ADS free hosting from us.

Can I host adult websites here?

No, adult websites are not allowed to be hosted on the free hosting.

What is your service uptime?

We offer 99.9% service uptime for all of our users. This is even more than many paid companies can offer.

SEO friendly URL support

Yes, we do support search engine friendly URLs on our servers which you can generate using .htaccess.

How to upload your website?

You can upload your website using our cPanel file manager or FTP client. Make sure you upload all of your files to the public_html folder so you can reach your website. Please check the section "How to connect to FTP?" if you need help connecting.

How to change file permissions?

File permissions can be changed from your account control panel -> File manager. Or using FTP client. If you have any issues with the file permissions. Please use "Fix File Ownership" tool from the control panel to fix all permission related problems.

How to delete my account?

Your account can be terminated from the control panel - Delete Account section. Please be sure you need it deleted before you proceed as this action can not be reversed.

How to build a website?

You may use our FREE website builder to build a website. Website builder is located on the control panel -> Website -> Website Builder section. Or you can use pre-installed scripts library to install website from the Auto Installer section on the control panel. Both of these tools will allow you to get fully working website within minutes!